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Jamie’s Toilet Whores – Part 2


Jamie is on the prowl again in New York, looking for lowlife whores to abuse, degrade and use as Toilets.
The first clip has a naked black whore being badly degraded, with a lot of verbal abuse, whipping the whore with his belt, abusing her tits and cunt, spitting over her asshole, he gets a dog bowl filled with some kind of vile mixture, and makes the cunt eat it, making the pathetic black whore confess to eating “dog shit.”
The next clip shows another lowlife black whore laying in a bathtub, after Jamie has shit over her, the whore is forced to smear shit over herself, and when the pathetic whore asks for more money, Jamie gives the cunt some extra $$$ to stick some of his turds in her mouth and then suck and eat it !!
The last clip, has a really filthy white skank whore laying in a bathtub filled with shit, saying how much she wants bums off the street to piss and shit over her !! …she masturbates & fucks her fouled up wet pussy with a big rubber cock, groaning in orgasm…filthy white trash scum !!
Warning – race play and the “N” word is used by Jamie (in the first clip) which you might find offensive.


Length:  13:43s 
Resolution: 854x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 442 MB


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