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Little Girl in Desperation


Daddy has been in the bathroom for forever and I really gotta go! Number one and number two. I colored three whole pictures and everything but he’s still in there and he wont let me use the potty. The potty dance only works for so long. I ended up having an accident all over my Barbie blankie and in my little white panties.. oh no.. I’ll just hide it in my dresser. No one will find it there. Back to coloring. I almost forgot that I had to go poop. Maybe I’ll just let a few farts out, daddy has to be done soon. I may have pushed a little too hard though. Like way too hard and now I’ve made a huge mess. Oh gross! A big turd is all over the floor and all over my butt. I try to pick it up but it just keeps getting worse… I accidentally stepped right in a big pile and now I’m stuck there. Daddy is going to be so mad at me. what should I do now? Maybe if I pretend I’m asleep he will think it was just a bedtime accident. Oh man. This is so bad.


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Hi, I am Abigail Dupree sensuous professional sex slave. I am kinky and dirty.

What is your fetish? I am tasked to please.

Master’s orders!


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