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Little Girl Poops Her Plastic Panties


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Ooooh Nooooo…. I played for way too long with my giraffeies. But that’s why my mommy bought me my plastic panties to wear… too many accidents:( I know I should stop playing and go use the potty… but I feel bad for leaving my stuffies alone by themselves… so just a bit longer until they go to sleep. Dang it…. it’s too late! My turd just could’nt wait.. ugh. I have an idea though, don’t worry baby giraffe. I’ll sneak to the bathroom and keep my turd hding in my plastic panties… We can do it! Mommy usually just puts me in the tub with bubbles when I have an accident. But this is sooooo messy… oh man. It’s all over my hands!!! My watermelon bubbles will wash it away. Phew.. all clean.

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Hi, I am Abigail Dupree sensuous professional sex slave. I am kinky and dirty.

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1 review for Little Girl Poops Her Plastic Panties

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    5 out of 5


    This video has high production values and a defined AB scenario, although the interest for me was in the actual pooping into the undiapered plastic panties. Slightly disappointed not to see the turd emerge, it just appears at about 8 mins into the video, but there is a fantastic sequence where she walks into the bathroom where the camera is close up on her incredibly cute butt and you see the soft honey colored lump rocking between her plastic covered ass cheeks. I have already cum over this. She is in no hurry to take the panties off and there is a little smearing before she does, and then quite a bit after. She then cleans herself up in the bath. It’s quite an expensive video, but you do get a very high definition download as well as a low res version. Definitely worth it for the walk to the bathroom scene!

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