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I Love To Eat My Poop!


Mmm! Look at this nice big fresh load of poop! There’s a big, soft, moist turd and many smaller harder turds. I love admiring my shit. Looking at it’s beauty. It smells so good. But best of all I love the taste of my shit!

I pick up the biggest pile of poop and I slowly squish it in my hand! It feels so good feeling the warm poop squish through my fingers! Yum!

I lick the moist warm poo and search for a nice little chunk to swallow! When I find it I pop it into my mouth! Mmm! It tastes so good! I love the smell of it and how the flavor completely invades all of my senses! I love my poop!

It is hard for me to swallow my poop. I am working on getting better. It’s a mind over matter thing. I love the taste but it’s hard to get myself to swallow for some reason! I do my best though and with lots of gagging and choking I swallow the little piece of shit! Oh it makes me so happy when I do! I love getting to poop out my poop!

I pick up the biggest turd again and talk dirty to you. I tell you all the nasty things I love to do with poop. Then I smear my moist wet turd onto my lips! Just like lipstick! I think it makes me look very pretty! Do you want to kiss me?


Length:  5:12s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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