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Mistress Lisa’s Shit Eating Toilet Pig Slave Part 2


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Mistress Lisa forces Sandy to wear his toilet sign while she kicks him in the ass with her high heels. Then she squats over the disgusting toilet slave and shits directly into his mouth. It is such a huge, slimy load that the pig-slave can’t eat it fast enough, so the remainder gets smeared all over his face and body. Lisa then gets bags of steer manure and dumps it all over Sandy, mixing the shit in with the manure. She rubs the manure repeatedly into his skin and forces him to eat it, shoving handfuls into his mouth while then tosses a bag of trash over him while he snorts like a pig.


Length:  6:30s 
Resolution: 640x480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 96 MB

My name is Mistress Lisa and I’m a pro dominatrix based out of Los Angeles. I hope my store inspires more slaves to make the jump into being a human toilet.

1 review for Mistress Lisa’s Shit Eating Toilet Pig Slave Part 2

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    4 out of 5


    Lisa is wicked and cruel and looks to be amazing! Video quality is just so/so and much of the verbal interaction between Lisa and her slave is drowned out with the sounds of a tv. Humiliation is very high though!

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