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Mom is teaching her pervert son a lesson


I catch my son spying on me in the bathroom. He is little pervert for spying on me while i’m shitting. Since he watched me, I demand him strips naked so I can watch him too. Once he’s naked, his little cute penis is makes me laugh:)) I pull my pants down and make him smell my asshole. I ask him if he likes the way my dirty ass smells and I fart in his face. Mommy is going to piss on him.. i encourage him to keeps stroking as I piss. Since he’s being a good little pervert, I’m going to shit for him, so I lay down on my stomach with my ass towards him and spread my cheeks wide, letting him to have a good view of everything! After all i make him to smell and taste my shit and my asshole again! I smearing some on my boobs and I teach him how to stroke his little penis with my shit! I finish jerking him! Hahaha such a good little perv, now clean up this mess:)))


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