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MY L.A. Toilet


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Scat Queen Delilah filmed live session during LA trip last month.


Length:  17:47s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

Infamous Real Time Fem Dom

Scat Queen Delilah

Brooklyn Born & raised, but as of Oct 2013 Delilah relocated her base to Atlanta Ga., …but with very frequent travels to LA FL NC to name a few, Bossy “Latin Bitch” Delilah is an experienced Fem Dom who, aside from famous role as the “SCAT Queen” she also enjoys a wide variety of different Fem Dom Sessions, for a more comprehensive listing as to Her Session preferences, go to contact
and then email Her respectfully to discuss your potential scenario.


Delilah does not take travel request no matter the price.



FTT session: please be aware that 72Hours Notice is need for Full TOILET TRAINING + a advance 50% deposit is most definitely required for such session, no exceptions. No one is special.

7 reviews for MY L.A. Toilet

  1. Profile photo of miserable_pig
    5 out of 5


    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!! Best Bossy Delilah scat video by far. Best Scat Domme in the universe. You are so fucking divine. I would crawl and worship the shit out of your ass. I’m not even worthy to look at you.

    Bossy Delilah you fucking own my balls. I want to be your toilet SOOOOO BAD!!!!!! I would give ANYTHING to look up at you through a toilet seat.

    I’m addicted to your videos. I squeal like a fat fucking pig when i pay for them with my credit card and I snort and grunt like a pig while watching them. I’m so enslaved and addicted. I’m a prisoner in my own body. You have me bound in fucking heavy chains. I can only crawl on my fucking hands and knees I’m so bound in chains. Thank you Bossy Delilah for enslaving me and binding me in chains in your pit. There is no fucking way out of your pit i’m so enslaved with no way out.

    I’m BEGGING you Bossy Delilah, PLEASE make more scat videos. Please feed my addiction. I’m pleading and begging for more. Feed me from your ass as I wallow in your pit bound in chains.

  2. Profile photo of peter5578
    5 out of 5


    The previous comment already put it into a nutshell. First highlight are Bossy Delilah’s divine toes shoved into the slave mouth ! Later she puts on pantyhose. From start to end just awesome !

  3. Profile photo of benki
    5 out of 5


    Thank you Mistress Delilah for posting your awesome videos here. You show us that you are the best. Beautiful, strict and sadist, you are like a star in the sky, so high, that you can’t ever be reached or even touched, a star that shines, guides to find their way, and gives hope and happiness to every toilet slaves in this world. Thank you Mistress Delilah for sitting your so beautiful ass on such miserable mouths. I would love to be one day one of those miserable mouths. This video is a must seen video with THE ONLY ONE Mistress Delilah.

  4. Profile photo of filthy puppy
    5 out of 5


    Easily Bossy Delilah’s BEST video to date! It start off with Her emphasizing just how sensational Her ass is, how lucky Her slave is to even see it, and She delightfully teases us all with it!! There is some wicked verbal abuse, something that Bossy Delilah excels at, followed by some divine foot worship. Bossy Delilah does a quick outfit change, now wearing some lovely pantyhose, as She delightfully shoves Her feet into Her slave’s mouth and gags him. This alone makes the video worth it, but of course it gets even better!! Bossy Delilah soon sits down on Her throne, and drops an amazing shit right into the mouth of Her slave, trapped underneath. She ridicules him the whole time, making him admit how lucky he is to have Her shit in his mouth. She even scoops up the shit that he missed and forces it into his mouth, despite his pleas that he is full and cannot feast on any more of Her treats. Bossy Delilah will have none of that though, and makes sure to stuff his mouth full of the remaining gifts from Her divine ass, and smears the last little bit all over his piggy face, making sure to rub Her shit in real good. This clip will absolutely make you want to serve under Her amazing ass and eat it all up for Her!! (I LOVE how Bossy Delilah always makes Her slaves admit that they are Her toilet as She fills their mouths!)

    (Filmed at a high frame rate, making Her ass look that much more amazing as She’s releasing all over Her slave!)

  5. Profile photo of Billy Taylor
    5 out of 5


    Thank you, Bossy Delilah for using me as your slave in this video. The absolute best experience of my life.

  6. Profile photo of miserable_pig
    5 out of 5


    Billy Taylor, what was it like to be bound beneath Bossy Delilah and wallow in her shit? What was going through your mind as you were staring up at her thick Goddess ass and watching her shit come out of her ass? She owns our balls doesn’t she?

  7. Profile photo of ToiletSlaveQ
    5 out of 5



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