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My shitty oil experiment


After I refrained from shitting for two days I find myself constipated. I knew that drinking two table spoon of mineral oil is a gentle laxative as it was written on the bottle label, so I did as mentioned. I waited for a few hours without result so I had this crazy idea to zip in near half a cup of it. About 30 minutes later, shit happened! I hardly had the time to run to our shooting set up. Before my master grabbed the camera I was on my kness unable to old it. The result was amazing. I started pooping shit and oil! When I try smearing my body became covered with oil. Never the less I pooped out two big greasy loads. It was so smooth on my skin that I decided to stuff my pussy with it and fuck it with a dildo with great sloppy sound. Let me tell you that mineral oil is working. I’m still farting oil! My advice, stick to the label recommandations. Do not try this at home!


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Aive and shitting! I’m a mature shit cunt enjoying a sticky life style.


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