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Nervous Interview Poop


I am being interviewed to be a dance instructor at an all girls dance studio. I am nervous and really have to use the bathroom. The Boss was running late so I had to wait in the waiting room for an hour before the interview started, holding my poop it is so uncomfortable and hard to sit still. They ask me basic questions about my past dance experience and why I think I would be good for the job. During the interview, I start to feel a hard poop coming , making me even more nervous. I am crossing my legs and clenching my butt cheeks, trying my best to answer the questions politely. The interview goes longer than expected. I think the interview is finally over with, when they ask me to stand up and give a presentation about the different styles of dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop… in order to show them I can teach it. I start to panic. I really have to Poop standing up makes it worse. I stand up and began crossing my legs immediately, trying my best to hold it in. Starting my dance presentation it is hard to show them my dances from my nervousness and poop I can barely hold in , I can’t hold it anymore! While do my dance I poop your panties, tights and booty shorts during the interview, so embarrassing , I did this and in front of the boss! I look at my panties pulling them done showing the boss what they made me do from waiting an hour in the waiting room without a restroom!


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