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Paper panties


I make myself a pair of panties from blue tissue paper, then put them on. I show off my new pair of panties, but then I ruin them by filling them with shit! I get emberrased, and get flustered not knowing what to do with my filled panties as they start to fall apart. I make a hole in the back and try to squeez some shit out, but it doesn’t work so I tape up the hole. I try to fix my panties a bit and then put on a dress, planning to go out and about in my new messy homemade panties. They keep falling apart though so I give up and take them off. I show you the giant mess inside, and with a finger smear my name and a heart on the panties. I lick off my finger before bidding you goodbye. (Things kept not happening to plan so the video has a very amatur feel to it haha) 8:38 minutes


Length:  8:38s 
Resolution: 720x480
Download Format: avi
File Size: 2 GB

I am an amateur scat girl who loves playing with filth, lots of giggles and smiles are had in my videos! Nothing makes me happier then playing with my poo and sharing the fun with you 😉



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