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Part 1 and 2 – Dirty Diaper Baby!


Part 1 – Baby Poops In Her Diaper

I’m a cute little baby! I love wearing my diapers and filling them with everything that come out of my little baby holes! I love to roll around and play in my padded squishy diaper. I think I am the cutest little baby ever! Getting to be a baby is the best feeling in the world. Babies only care about being cute and filling their diapers.

My baby diaper is filled with me but now it is time to poop! I love to poop in my diapers. It feels so good when my nice clean diaper is overflowing with big stinky turds!

I squat down and start to grunt and push! It take quite a while to fill my diaper and I talk dirty to you the entire time! Once I’ve finally gotten all the turds out I get so happy! I roll around and giggle! I am so happy! I do somersaults and rub my big, poop filled diaper.

After a while I decide to show you what’s in my diaper. Are you ready to see my poop!?

Part 2 – Dirty Baby Diaper Face Smear!

I made a HUGE stinky mess in my baby diaper! Oh wow! What a mess! My once white diaper is now filthy and brown! There is so much poop and pee in my diaper! It looks so pretty! I love to look at my poop! I love the smell of it and I even love that taste of it!

Watch me sniff my poopy diaper and lick my big stinky turds! It makes me such a happy baby to see you watching me being naughty!

My diaper is so stinky! I love it! I wish I could wear my big stinky diaper on my head all day! I would be such a happy baby! Do you want to see my push my dirty diaper right into my baby face!? Do you want me to smear my poopy diaper in my face and get my shit all over my glasses and in my mouth!? I would love for you to watch me being a dirty baby!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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