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I Have a painting to make and realize I do not have any brown paint, all the stores are closed and have nothing to make the color with. I think about it for a moment and have to poop, well poop is brown and would work very well it thick and creamy, but the smell may be strong. I might as well try, I take my clothes off and squat down pooping on my glass mixing tray, its the perfect constancy I use my paint brush and try it on the canvas, no its to thick I use my fingers, I feel like it should be spread more, I could try body painting I’ve always wanted to do that, I start by rubbing it on my breast and pushing them on the canvas, looks perfect so I start covering my body with poop and smearing and rolling around making a beautiful painting, but its missing something a little bit of cum would be perfect I masturbate and rub the canvas on my pussy, I give it a name body fluids and sign my name in the middle.


Length:  18:32s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 933 MB

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