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I do a super hot strip tease, dancing and shaking my ass while I take off my nude satin panties and black push up bra. I take a suppository and pop it into my butt and I shake and twerk my ass a bit more. I spread my cheeks, push out my rosebud and out comes a huge and soft light brown colored poop onto the floor. All of a sudden I get the strong urge to crush my turds so I step onto the pile of turds and I begin to crush my big load of poop beneath the soles of my cute, size 6 feet. You can hear my poop crackling and popping as I apply my weight. Poo squishes itself between every last one of my cute little toys. I begin to slide around on the slick bathroom tiles, and by now my pussy is dripping wet so I squat in front of the camera and play with my cream filled pussy and tease my clit as I rub my dirty poopy feet together.


Length:  19:42s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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