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Pooping My Diaper In Public!


I am wearing a diaper in a store! I’ve got such a short skirt on too! I love knowing that someone could see that I am wearing an adult diaper! It turns me on so much to be out in public with a big padded diaper butt!

I am not wearing this diaper for show though! I really need to poop! And I’m going to go right here in the isles of this craft store! I am going to poop my diaper in public! I know I am going to stink so bad but I have to go and I really don’t want to take my diaper off! I squat a little and slowly start to push! I let out a few quiet grunts and moans as I poop my diaper in the store!

Oh that was so intense! I’ve got a diaper full of my poop now! I can smell my stench! It’s nasty! Yuck! But I love it! And I’ve got to wear this diaper all day! It will be hours before I can go home and change! I am such a happy, messy diaper girl!

I’m home now! Time to show you my filthy, poo poo filled diaper that I’ve been wearing all day!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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