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Pooping and dirty anal


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I am squatting on the floor of my bathroom completely naked and I tell you how badly I need to shit. I start pushing and fingering my pussy to help encourage the poop out and several logs come out, leaving a pile on the floor right underneath my ass. Have I ever told you how horny shitting makes me? I take my dildo, wet it with my pussy juice (told you it makes me horny!) and then slide it in my ass, without even wiping first. Predictably, it gets very messy very quickly. I pull it out and it has completely changed colour. The shit is smeared all over my ass crack and ass cheeks and even though I wipe the dildo down once or twice, as soon as I put it back in my ass it’s completely brown again. I start the anal still squatting on the floor but then I turn around and get my ass nice and close to the camera so you can see everything in detail. More shit comes out during the anal a couple of times, and at the end there is a bonus clip with a couple more small logs which came out while I was cleaning up after the video.

Length of video not including titles/credits: 08:58

Format: 1080p mp4 (the video is much better quality than the GIF)


Length:  9:13s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 482 MB

Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

Follow my toilet blog for updates.

1 review for Pooping and dirty anal

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    5 out of 5


    I wish there was an option for a 6 star review. Well, no I don’t, not really, cause that would undermine the whole star rating system we’ve already accepted around the world. BUT my main point is this is a great great vid! It’s got everything I love and like to see in a girl who engages in mild scat play! Thank you times a million for this!

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