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Proper Etiquette And Oops I Pooped Myself


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I feel the need to give a class on proper etiquette. I start to write an outline on proper etiquette and then oh hell i piss myself all over my new shorts. I say hell with it and continue with my class on proper etiquette and then oh hell I poop myself. Well when life gives you lemons then don’t be sour, make some lemonade. I scoop up the poop, grab a paint brush and continue writing my outline of proper etiquette. I am so clumsy, I step in the poop with my white sandals. I then sit on my poop. I am so bewildered I smear the poop on my clothes and get it in my hair.


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I am Goddess Emma Love.  Welcome to my dark world. I try to submit at least  once a month so please keep checking in.  If you have any special requests then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I finally got my own place with no more nosy room mates.  So I am now more flexible to deliver whatever your heart’s content.

1 review for Proper Etiquette And Oops I Pooped Myself

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    5 out of 5


    This is a great video. She is very good at peeing,and pooping her pants. Plus she teaches you proper etiquette,

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