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Queen Vanitys Toilet & CBT Slave


5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

This slave said he had over 10+ years of toilet training but all that “training” went out the window the moment he met the Queen! He is forced to exceed his limits of consumption and his pain tolerance for CBT!

I zip tie his cock and balls up so each time I want him to open his mouth, he has no choice or I pull the zip ties harder and harder pinching his balls tighter together! He screams like a little bitch lmaoo!

As I relax on the toilet seat and let all of my 38 seconds of pee go, I start to massage my pregnant belly to help loosen my shit. I drink my coffee and shove my heels on his cock! Now I switch the view of the camera to a “slave view” so you see nothing but my asshole opening and closing as I push my shit out of my ass into my slaves mouth. He swallows about half and the other half ends up on the pads….don’t think he’s getting away with wasting my precious shit that easily! After I feel that I cant shit no more, I move the toilet chair and sit on his chest, put on my gloves and start feeding him little by little! He’s not doing so good so I make him get on all fours like the dog he is…shoving his face to my leftover shit on the floor he opens his mouth and starts to lick it, worship it and consume it. He’s hesitant though so I have to give him a few swift kicks to his pathetic swollen balls to give him some more motivation, as he screams he also agrees to eat more! I stand and watch him try to push my shit around with his nose…he thinks I can’t see him or something lmfaoo so I drink my coffee and kick his balls some more! He is now the Queens new shit eater…add him to the rest of them on the list!

**Full Hd
**2 cameras used
**GREAT money shot/humiliation and degradation


Length:  30:27s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB


2 reviews for Queen Vanitys Toilet & CBT Slave

  1. Profile photo of pulver685
    5 out of 5


    I had really looked forward to a new video from Queen Vanity with a consuming slave and here it is. The pregnant Queen delivers as usual and now with 2 cameras so we can see all the action from 2 angles. I loved the video, specially the extra long pee scene. CBT and the nasty talk She is so good at and this goes on for 30 min. Talk about value for money. Yes, I can really recommend this video.

  2. Profile photo of bardukk
    5 out of 5


    I love this video!!! It’s so hot to see the queen pregnant…she has a nice big belly…a hot face and an ass to die for…her beauty it’s not influenced in any way during this time…and it’s a rare and beautiful thing she’s very lucky and i said this as a man not as a slave. I love that she keeps smoking cigarettes even now that she’s pregnant…it’s a pleasure she must have…smoking a delicious and relaxing cigarette while taking a nice big shit a man’s mouth….i’d love to eat her shit even more now that she’s on pregnancy…that slave is the luckiest filthy PIG on earth. Thank you Queen Vanity for this gift.

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