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This amazing video includes 3 panty pooping videos :

I am your very dirty secretary…

We have an important meeting. I do a lot of notes, but at some point I feel that I have to go to the toilet … I’m asking you if I can go, but you say that I have to stay … I feel more and more desperate and begin to plead that You let me go to the bathroom … at some point I can hold it any secon longer, and I am doing great shit in my white panties … You can not see anything. You begin to feel awful smell and ask me what happened … When I tell you, that I just did shit in panties you are outraged and want to quick me from your company … but suddenly you suggest me, that I can play with you with some dirty game and then I do not lose work… I agree and we both start to very dirty game …. you want to cum on my dirty ass? Want to see how much I’m bad girl?

Laxative Tablets … Shit madness in white panties!

I was very thirsty … I found in the kitchen pack of tablets energy drink. I quickly drank my favorite drink …After that I checked them one more time and I saw that it wasnt my tablets energy drink but…LAXATIVE TABLETS … They started to work very quickly. My stomach started to hurt me more and more. I was wearing my new white cotton panties. The bathroom was busy and I felt that I had to poop immediately … You can hear the loud farts and see how I loads shit in my pants. At the end I show you how dirty I’m … Do you like this view? Or maybe you want to get from me a unique, special gift?

Massive accident during exercises.

For several days I exercise regularly at home. I do not have time for the gym, but I love these exercises at home. Today I ate something not fresh in the city. I feel like my stomach hurts more and more … I cant stop exercising so I’m trying to hold out as long as possible. In the end, I can not resist … First, you can see a huge fountain of pee. See how wet are my blue athletic pants. But that’s not all … Suddenly my ass out huge shit … is so large that it doesnt fit into my panties and slowly flows down to the floor … OMG I do not have anything more to say, you just need to see it !


Length:  35:18s 
Resolution: 1080x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB


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