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Samantha and Amanda: Entire Day 1 Adventure!


You get all four amazing videos Amanda and I made on our first day together!

Samantha and Amanda’s Poopy Panties!

Amanda and I are hanging out in our white t-shirts and panties. I am a very dirty girl and I secretly love seeing girls poop in their panties. I really want to see Amanda poop in her cute while panties! It take a little bit of convincing but finally she agrees to poop in them. I coach her and encourage her to push out a nice, big, sloppy, wet load of poop! She completely fills her panties! Her moist poop is gushing out of my white panties! I get so excited and so turned on! I catch her poop and smear it on her ass! It’s such a hot sight!

I want to fill my panties with poop and have Amanda watch me! I have a dirty surprise for her though! I tell her all about how last night she pooped in the toilet and didn’t flush! I got so excited seeing her poop in the toilet that I scooped it up and played with it. I was fucking my asshole with her poop and most of it got stuck up inside of my asshole! Now today I’m going to poop her shit out into my panties!

I grunt and push and fill my panties with poop! It’s hard to tell what part is her poop and what part is mine! I can see that Amanda is enjoying our dirty play just as much as I am!

Watch as we pull our panties down and admire each other’s poop! We get so turned on that we start to rub our poopy butts on each other! It feels amazing to feel her sexy ass rubbing her shit into my juicy butt! Our poop mixes together and we laugh and talk dirty! We are two very happy poop girls!

Wearing Each Other’s Poopy Panties!

Amanda and I just filled out panties with poop! We are both enjoying wearing our own poopy panties but we really what to wear each other’s! We slowly take off our shitty underwear and twirl them around on our toes! Then we hand them to each other to enjoy!

We both stare lovingly into our partner’s poopy panties! Amanda takes a taste of the poop in my panties! Mmm! She loves it! I start to pull the tight, poop filled panties up over my big bum. It feels so good feeling my lover’s poop smear into my ass! I help Amanda put my panties on her. We shake our asses and talk dirty! We are such filthy, happy, poop lovers!

It feels amazing to wear another sexy girl’s dirty, poopy panties!

Stuffing Our Pussies With Shit!

Watch Scat Goddess Amanda and I get super filthy and horny with our shit! We get really nasty and do all kinds of filthy things for you! Things like: pussy shit stuffing, shitty rim jobs, pooping out of Amanda’s pussy and into my mouth, poop covered 69 action, face smearing, shitty kissing, poop masturbation, and more!

Amanda and I are very dirty girls! We are getting so turned on from playing with our poop! I get the hot idea to push a load of shit into Amanda’s pussy! She goes wild as soon as I start pushing little round turds into her wet pussy! It looks like it feels amazing so I tell her to stuff some shit into my pussy too! I want to feel all the poop inside of me! Now we both have poop in our pussies!

I find a big turd and I shape it into a dildo! I’m going to fuck Amanda with a shit dildo! She starts moaning in pleasure as I fuck her pussy with a big cock shaped turd!

I’m so turned on now! I need her mouth on my pussy! I squat over Amanda’s face and she immediately starts licking and sucking my poop stuffed pussy! She loves that my hole is covered in poop! I can’t wait to taste her holes but first I want to kiss her! Her mouth is covered in the poop from my pussy! I need to taste her! We kiss passionately and then she squats over my face so I can taste her holes! I dig around in her asshole trying to find some more poop! It feels amazing to finger fuck my lover’s dirty asshole! I tell her how good it feels and she wants to finger fuck mine too! I get down in doggy style. As soon as she sticks her finger in my filthy poophole I am moaning in pleasure!

I get Amanda to get back down on the floor so I can stuff her pussy with more shit! I even pull out a dildo to really fuck her! She’s enjoyed the dildo but I can tell she liked being fucked with a turd even more! I take the big cock shaped turd and push it into her pussy! I tell her to push and push and shit the turd out of her pussy! It’s so hot seeing a girl shit out of her ass but it’s even hotter to see her shit out of her pussy! I want to really experience the pussy shitting so I stuff the turd back up into her and have her squat over my face! She’s going to shit that turd out of her pussy and into my mouth!

We are such happy, dirty shit lovers!

Fully Clothed Poop Smearing

Amanda and I have been having so much fun together playing with our poop! We decide to have a little bit more fun! We want to get poop all over our bodies while we are fully clothed! We put on white t-shirts and grey leggings and start smearing poop all over our clothes!

Amanda starts chewing on a big turd! She is chewing her shit and letting the poopy droll drip down on her shirt! It’s getting me so excited! I want to kiss her shitty mouth! We kiss each other and smear poop all over each other’s face! Our faces are covered in poop now! We look like such happy, dirty shit lovers!

We roll around and smear our poop all over our clothes, making sure we are completely covered in poop! It feel so good to share my love for shit with Amanda!

*Black D was there filming with us and he got a little excited! You can occasionally hear him saying wow in the background. It made Amanda and I even more excited to hear that he was enjoying it so we got even dirtier! ; )



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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