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Satin Panty Series – Parts 1, 2, and 3


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DAY 1 – 5

Everyday this week I am shitting in my pretty satin panties! I will shit and piss in them and then wear them while I masturbate and play with my happy wet pussy! I do delicious nasty things with the fifth and final load!

Day 1 and 2″

Watch me shit in my sexy smooth satin panties! I fill them up with two huge loads! I taste both loads! I like the taste of the second load better and I spend more time with the turd in my mouth!

Watch me dance around in my toilet panties being a dirty happy scat princess!

Day 3 – I take out my nasty satin toilet panties. They already have two loads of shit in them! I add another load and dance around and rub my pussy while wearing the stinkiest and dirtiest panties I own! I love how full my panties are! Three loads in one pair! Wow!

Day 4 – Time to add another load to my filthy panties! Watch me struggle to fill my wet shit filled panties! Ih oh! There is not enough room for all this shit in my panties! I guess I’ll have to shove my shit into my bra! Watch me shake and jiggle my massive shit covered tits! I tell you about the the nasty things I plan to do in part three of this video! What nasty things will I do with FIVE loads of shit!?

Day 5:
Time for me to squeeze out the fifth and final load into my nasty satin toilet panties! All week I’ve been shitting and pissing in what once were the prettiest satin panties. Now they are shit stained and smell like a port-a-potty! In the crotch are four massive loads of shit!

With a full ass, I stuff my pussy with shit so I can shit out of both holes at the same time! I push put such a pretty log out of my ass and at the same time a slimy girl cum coated turd plops out of my pussy!

The turds fall on the massive week long pile of shit!

I stuff my pussy completely full and push the shit out of my pussy! I run my cunt and then stuff my hole up again and again! I finally get the entire weeks worth of shit into my happy shitty pussy hole!

For a grand finale I pop a big piece of shit in my mouth and push it out like I am shitting out of my mouth!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!

2 reviews for Satin Panty Series – Parts 1, 2, and 3

  1. Profile photo of preggocl
    5 out of 5


    A mountain of poop. If I can define this video is this, a lot of shit, giggles and boobs. Hot like hell to see Samanta shitting over and over and smeared in his giant tits, taste her own shit, poop stuffed in her pussy… You must see this monument to shit!

  2. Profile photo of Cheyenne
    5 out of 5


    This series of Videos are the most exciting video I have seen I wish my girl friend would do this for me. I GIVE IT 10 STARS

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