Session with e


10 videos from my two day toilet session with my servant e. The only one missing is from this is the video scat candy only because I could only include ten videos in this package. =) Enjoy watching my servant e serve in my presence for the first time and eat straight from my Goddess ass and get used by my Goddess ass!!
Look into MY Full Ass, 2.57, I instructed my servant e to put a speculum in my ass ,so he could see right into my full ass. I wanted my servant to see my shit that he will be consuming for me. To get a better look I got my servant to take a few pictures with my ass open wide and full. Four still pictures are included at the end of the video that my servant took before removing the speculum.

First Filmed Feeding,9:09 minutes, My servant e has traveled a long way to serve in my presence after consuming for the couple months. Now he will get the special treat of my fresh Goddess chocolate out of my big round ass. When I came to feed my servant, I had been holding for four days. By the morning of our session, I had so much pressure built up, all I could think about was feeding my servant. When arriving, I had my servant take some sexy photos of his Goddess, making my pussy so wet before feeding. Once I took off all of my clothes then I was ready to have my servant e worship all that comes from my Goddess ass. I climb on top of my servant and have him suck on my big nipples teasing him before releasing my precious chocolate. I push out thick chocolate logs for him to chew up and bite. I sit on his face and have him worship my Goddess ass as it pleases me while all he can taste is my powerful Goddess shit Enjoy watching as my servant consumes for the very first time directly from my Goddess ass. This is also my very first toilet session that I filmed. Don’t you wish you could eat from my ass next?

Shitty Thong, 7,33, After feeding my servant e two shit logs straight from my ass, I wanted to have him taste more of my Goddess shit. I could feel that I had some more shit in my ass, I take off my black thong and push my thong into my dirty ass with a little help from my servant. I push out my shit covered thong as well as more of my precious chocolate out of my ass. I put my shit covered thong in my servant e’s mouth have him suck on it. Then I decorate his chest by rubbing my Goddess shit on his chest. For a final treat, I give my servant my yummy Goddess spit. Worship all that comes from MY Goddess body!

Filthy in Mum’s Panty, 8:24, I brought my mum’s filled panties to my first session with my servant e. I had pooped a really big load in the panties a few nights prior. I thought my mum’s full poopy panty would be perfect to smear all over my servant’s body. First, I helped e into my mum’s poopy panties, and then had him bend over the bed. I smeared and made the panties even dirtier much darker with my fingers. I spanked my servant’s ass in my mum’s slick poopy panties. I love hearing as I smacked each time also flicking little pieces of shit everywhere! Rubbing my hands all over my servants ass. I pull down the panties making Goddess proud of the smeared ass. I write a special message in my servant e’s ass.. Scat Goddess was here! A couple still photos are included at the end of the video of my servant e’s filthy ass after I was done with it!
Eat MY Ass Pops, 3:23, After feeding my servant e, I wanted to make him some yummy ass pops that he could enjoy when he was away from my presence and before he had to get back on the plane. I bent over the bed wearing only my stockings and allowed my servant to fuck my Goddess ass with tootsie roll pops making my dirty ass even sweeter and very sticky! Eat MY Goddess ass pops! I love getting all sticky and messy knowing my sluts will be eating treats made from my sexy ass!

Suck MY shitty fingers, 1:43, After playing with my servant e during our first session, my fingers got nice and shitty. I sat in front of him having him lick and suck my Goddess shit off my fingers. When I was pleased with him tasting and licking the shit from my fingers, we ended our session in the shower to get cleaned up. I love it when my Goddess chocolate is being consumed!

Nectar Ass Worship, 11:36, I have come back the following day to visit my servant e. I held my pee for several hours before arriving. I play and tease my pussy while allowing my servant to finger my pussy and ass. I climb on top of my servant, so he may taste my nectar directly from my Goddess body. I pee and squirt all over my servant as he continues to lick and finger with my Goddess pussy.mmmm it felt so good spraying my nectar on my servant and cumming.

Pegged by Goddess, 19:11, My servant e is ready to have his ass used by Goddess. Laying on his belly in puddles of my Goddess piss and squirt, I tease my servants body with my nails and Wartenberg pinwheel. I begin toying his ass with my favorite pink anal plug, and glass dildo, getting it ready for my strap on. I get behind my servant and fill up his ass with my cock. Fucking my servant in the ass makes my pussy so wet! After I am finished pegging my servants ass I allow him to lick up all of my yummy pussy juices until I cum hard! Worship MY Goddess Ass!!

Enema Piss Spray, 6:46, I instructed my servant e to give me an enema with my strong piss that I had saved and brought with me in a Mountain Dew two liter bottle. It felt so good while my ass was filling up with my Goddess piss. It is making my pussy so wet getting ready to spray all of my collected piss from my sexy ass for my servant to be sprayed with and worship. Once he was all soaked he really smelling very strong of my Goddess piss!! I rub my dripping wet Goddess ass on my servants wet body. Worship all that comes from MY sexy Goddess body!!

Surprise Session Ending, 5:21, After I had sprayed my servant e with my super strong piss enema, I wanted him to cum before leaving my presence on the second day. He did not know what I had planned for him on his last toilet session date with my Goddess ass. I climbed on top of my servant and pushed out a very big enema stream out of my ass. My strong piss aroma filled the hair very quickly making my servant smell nothing but his Goddess. I tease my slut and then surprise him by sitting on his cock and riding it with my Goddess ass. I bounce up and down until I am ready for my lucky servant to cum in my hot ass. #314, 315, 316, 319, 320, 321, 323,324, 357



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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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