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Shit bath


I strip out of a robe, bra, and panties and take a nice bath. It’s to hot at first, so I have to add some cold water before I can relax in it. I enjoy it for a minute or two, and then admit that I have to pee a bit. I then take the camera and try to show you as I pee, but the camera gets foggy from the steam and its a bit hard to see. I clean off the camera, and then put it back where it was. I relax again for a minute, before slowly admiting that I now have to poop. I contimplate it for a while outload, then decided no one but you and I will know so I go ahead and do it. I get up and show you my ass spread as a few logs plop into the water. I giggle because some are floating, and show you them. I play with the turds a bit, showing you the hard bits and the soft bits. I then take the largest piece and play with it. I taste it and smell it, and decide to eat a little. I hold it in both hands sideways and take a chomp out of it as if it was a ear of corn. I chew on it and a little falls out my mouth, but I swallow the rest. I then continue to play with the poop in the water making the bath very dirty, occasionally picking up a piece and eating it. I squish all the poop making a huge mess in the tub and I show you how dirty its getting. (camera gets foggy a few times, and I wipe it off often). 13:24 minutes long


Length:  13:24s 
Resolution: 854x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 148 MB

I am an amateur scat girl who loves playing with filth, lots of giggles and smiles are had in my videos! Nothing makes me happier then playing with my poo and sharing the fun with you 😉



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