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Shit Smeared Dancer


A few crazy ideas in this one. I got this idea to shit in two condoms and then slip them over my feet to bag’m up in shit to make scat socks… That worked! Now standing in shit I started pumping up my cunt. As I pumped I could not stop shitting. Si here I am sitting on a huge pile of shit! I then smeared it all over my body. So there I am, with my shit filled socks, pussy swallowed by my pump…. pissing into it, and …shit again! I drop another big log on the floor. I just picked it up and smeared it over. To complete that shitty mess, I pull of my pump cup to show my puffy cunt and throw the piss over my shitty body and start pumping again. That when my boyfriend walks in to find me sitting on the floor covered with shit. Excited by the site he masturbates and spray my scat glazed body with is cum. A beautiful sticky messy afternoon, I’m telling you.


Length:  23:18s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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File Size: 2 GB

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Aive and shitting! I’m a mature shit cunt enjoying a sticky life style.


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