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Shit Smeared Sheets! – Both Parts!


Watch both of the amazingly nasty videos of me playing dirty fun shit game sin my bed! Check out that massive orgasm at the end!

Part 1:
Oh no! That naughty scat girl is at it again!

What has she done to her beautiful white sheets!?

It has been a long time coming but I finally got to do some happy nasty scat play in my bed! I have four nice big loads saved up for this event! I pile all the shit up on my white sheets. The dark brown shit makes such a beautiful contrast with the white sheets!

I pick up the big pile of shit and start to spread it all over my huge tits! They look so pretty smeared with my poop! I take the chunks of shit and smear it all over my body! I love being covered in my delicious shit! Watch me roll around in the sheets getting them so dirty! Those poor sheets will never be white again!

I imagine being fucked in my bed while covered in shit! I roll around in the sheets imagining someone with me playing naughty shit games!

Part 2:
Watch me smear my body with shit! Listen to me beg to be fucked right there in my bed! It’s okay that my sheets are ruined! I’m covered it shit and turns me on so much! This is what makes me happy and horny!

I roll around in my shit and sheets getting completely filthy. I love talking dirty to you. Telling you what I wish you were doing to me!

I get so turned on I have to cum so bad! Luckily I have a cute little dildo to fuck my dirty pussy with! I fuck my dirty pussy and moan, imagining that it’s a nice hard cock fucking my wet pussy hole! I cum so hard! I love making myself cum while I’m covered in shit!

Check out the mess I make in my bed!

This is one HOT video!



Length:  12:10s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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