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Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(6)Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(3)Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(7)Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(11)Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(10)Pooped in my khaki pants then exercised!!_Moment(12)

Shitting in my khakis then exercising in them!!


I had the runs from the night before and had been making a real mess of things, so I decided to just unload the last of my diarrhea in my khakis since I had just gotten home from work, and since I wasn’t planning on showering just yet, started to do a mini workout to tone my thighs, butt, and abs that need a little work due to the fact that I am still a little fast ass who loves to eat as much as I love feeling it come out in big loads for you, so enjoy me getting nasty and dirty as I work on my fitness with a little extra weight on me!!


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