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Shitting My Light Jeans!


Look at these sexy light colored jeans! mm! They cling to my ass and feel so good! What a shame it would be to piss in them and shit in them!

I dance around a giggle and rub my jean covered pussy! They feel so good on me! They are going to feel even better filled with my poo poos!

I let my bladder go and a nice little trickle of piss comes out and darkens the crotch of my jeans!

Then, I turn around and bend over and grunt and grunt and push my shit out into these pretty light blue jeans!

Oh it feels so good to fill my jeans! I love feeling my squishy, warm, moist shit in my jeans. My shit squishes it’s way between my ass crack and between my legs! I can feel in on my pussy and all up my crack! I feel my shit through my jeans! It’s so warm and so sexy! I push more and more! There’s so much shit coming out!

Do you want to see the mess in my jeans? I pull my jeans down and show you the shit COVERED ass! Oh god! It’s so hot!

I bend over and rub my shit coated pussy! I am so crazy turned on! I know I am about to have the most massive orgasm! Oh! I cunt is soaking wet with shit and my girl juices!

Please watch me cum! What my body shake and my pussy twitch! Hear the desperation and arousal in my voice! And finally see the pleasure and satisfaction in my eyes as I cum while sniffing my stinky dirty jeans!


Length:  6:30s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 723 MB

I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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