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Shitty Bathtub. Second Camera Raw Fo0tage


Introducing: Matilda.
Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.

Well, I must say that I love most of all this angle, from all static cameras it showed the best picture color and angles. It makes me hrnby myself even if I do not like to watch my videos myself. See it for yourself, I am sure you will be not disappointed.

One more half an hour horny video for people who love watching my shit games.

this time my GF allowed me to make shtty destruction of her bathtub.
I was traveling in the cold street and had the only thought in my mind – about the moment when warm shit on my body will warm me up,
And once I came to my GF I decided to warm myself up with shitting, smoking, smearing, masturbation, enema and dirty talks right away, I was very impatient for feeling of shit on my skin and face, that my orgasm were like explosions this time.

Once I want to gather a lot of people around me, to lay in the bathtub and let them to fill my tub comletely with shit.


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