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Sister/Brother Shit Smear Jerk


My little brother was spying on me, so guess what? I am gonna make him pull down his pants to look at what he has and find out he has a little penis he gets from Daddy.
Perverts get punished. I put him in the corner, make him smell my ass and jerk his cute little tiny cock to his sisters shitty ass, as I have to go so bad that its peering out already!

I lay on my stomach * first stomach shitting video* (dont miss out)Spread my ass cheeks, jiggle them. and let the load flow out of my butthole like lava! Its a HUGE LOAD, it touches my fat pussy lips as it flows down to the floor,& keeps coming! The chocolate is smeared all over my ass and pussy now!

You better not tell mom and dad about this! I release more frontal this time adding to the load.

Bad Brother in the corner, I make you come really close, hold up the load and make you breathe in, & out… Lick my filthy Shit & keep jerking to my shit brother.
If you dont listen, Ill tell everyone at school about your small penis…

I smear my hot load all over my perky boobs, as I talk about my hot chuncky scat load, teasing brother.
I pick up some scat in my hands & I jerk my brothers cock with a scat hand getting his cock all messy, As he busts…

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Length:  11:32s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 836 MB


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