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Smearing Sneakers


am getting ready to head out of the house but before I do I lift my skirt up and put my hands down my panties to get a good smell of my stinky butt, I just love the smell of my sweaty butt crack. I keep smelling and smelling, I sit down and pull of my panties and skirt rubbing my butt hole and taking off my sneakers smelling my stinky feet. I go back and forth for a moment I kneel down and finger my butt hole pooping directly on the soles of my feet. Oh I love the feeling of warm shit on then I rub my poop all over my feet and butt. I put my sneakers back on and walk around for a moment, I love the warm poop between my toes! I sit back down and remove my shoes and smelling them they are covered with my fresh warm poop I masturbate because I love the smell so much, I orgasm and look at the mess I’ve just made. Oops looks like I got carried away!


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