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Stubborn Turd Removal Smearing and Enema


Abigail Dupree has got a stubborn turd on her hands. She is determined to rid herself of it. For a while she tries and tries and get’s nothing but prairie doggin’. She uses her anal beads to loosen up the thick dense turd and then pisses while trying to push the rest of it out. After the bulk of it is out she administers a few enemas and gets one more flying turd out. She can’t help but rub it all over her smooth clean body before fucking herslef with the shower hose to make sure she is really cleaned out.

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Length:  13:44s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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Hi, I am Abigail Dupree sensuous professional sex slave. I am kinky and dirty.

What is your fetish? I am tasked to please.

Master’s orders!


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