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The After Thanksgiving Creme Spinach Poop 2014


I show off how tight my white short are because of my weight gain. Hey just more to love. LOL! I bend over to take a poop but I can’t because white shorts and the tummy control panties won’t let me because they are too tight. I have to pull the back of my shorts and panties just so the poop can take its initial exit. Watch the pee ooze out of my shorts first, then the poop plop on the floor. I strip off my shorts to show all the poop, then strip off my panties to show more poop. I scoop up 2 handfulls of poop. It looks like creme spinach! Ewww! Hey it just proves that I ate my vegetables! I start to rub poop on my face, hair and on my white top. Then I get distracted by a noise. I hope the beast will not come out but she does. I start screaming and cursing with poop smeared all over my face. You get a close up of the anger on my face with poop smeared all over it.


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I am Goddess Emma Love.  Welcome to my dark world. I try to submit at least  once a month so please keep checking in.  If you have any special requests then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I finally got my own place with no more nosy room mates.  So I am now more flexible to deliver whatever your heart’s content.


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