The Sex Slave Nurse!



It is a normal day for this nurse. She is going about her usual work routine and that is checking on her patients! However, things take a turn for the worst when her new patient has something in mind for her! When she is checking up on him, a different guy appears from the curtains and it is the two of them against her! Before she could do anything, she is grabbed and laid on the bed where she is restrained and slowly stripped of her clothes! Before long, her tits are out and the two culprits are busy rubbing her crotch! Eventually, they rip off her stockings and get direct access to her pussy which they first rub on the clit before taking turns fingering it! As they get more aggressive, they later fuck her with a massive dildo, which leaves moaning at the top of her lungs, causing them to plug her mouth with her very own underwear! However, when that no longer satisfied them, they penetrated and fucked her tight asshole as well! One would later serve his dick inside her mouth, leaving her with no choice but to perform a blowjob while the other is busy thrusting both the dildos in her pussy and asshole! With every passing second, the lady comes closer to climax and when she finally does, she also ends up accidentally defecating! She releases a long stream of poop, which gave the two culprits an idea! They make her open her mouth and serve her own filth to her! She tries to resist, but there is little she could do as poop is stuffed down her throat! She can only swallow as the other fucks her alternately between the pussy and asshole!


Length:  35:20s 
Resolution: 960x536
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 549 MB


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We bring you our toilet slaves smothered with scat and eating scat!