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Toilet out of a man.


Scat.Janny Domination
I have put handcuffs on the slave which completely immobilized his body. I am spitting in his face, sitting on it because I wanthim to become mouldy. I like to feel my slave’sbreath under myass. I tortured him, now he’ll have to eat my shit. I sat down on his mouth and shit mouthful. My servant is greedily eating my delicious shit! It was very comfortable for me to shit on my slave on the table. So, I have placed my favourite toilet chair, and ordered the slave to lie under it. Now I can comfortably sit and watch the movie, and shit into the slave’s mouth. My slave will eat my sweet and tasty poop.
2.Jenny and Kate made a toilet out of a man.Scat piss farting
Two girls made a toilet out of a man.Scat piss Two girls made a toilet out of a man. They humiliate him. Piss into his mouth and on his face. They smoke, ash their cigarettes on his face. Kate pissed on her slave. Kate made her slave’s mouth full of urina. After that Kate asked her female friend Jenny to help with spitting and humiliating the slave. The slave was lying on the floor pissed and spat upon.


Length:  28:35s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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