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Too many homeworks


Custom request:
I would like you to be dressed in a schoolgirls outfit wearing glasses and would like you to wear white underwear. can the panties that you wear be full back panties like briefs or hipster panties. I would also like your hair to be tied up.
i would like the video to start with you pretending that you have homework to do but you cant concentrate because you fell like you have to go to the toilet but you cant use it because you have been told you aren’t aloud to leave the room until you have finished your homework. after a couple of minutes trying to finish your homework so you can go to the toilet you finally cant hold it any longer you deiced that you are going to just have to poo in your room so you take off your pantyhose but you don’t think you have time to take off your white panties so you bend over in doggy style and poo in your nice white panties. when you have pooed your panties you say how much you love the feeling of a nice big pile of shit in your panties and that you are getting horny so you start to rub the outside of your panties spreading the poo around all over your ass and pussy inside your panties. you then strip naked and get your favorite dildo and start to play with your sweet pussy you then wonder what it would feel like to cover your whole body in you nice warm shit so you start to pick some of the poo out of your dirty panties and smear it all over your sexy body while you are bouncing up and down on your dildo in reverse cowgirl position with your face to the camera. when your body is covered in poo you keep fucking your dildo in different positions until you get so horny that you feel like you are going to squirt so you decide you will squirt over your dirty panties. you finish by putting your dirt panties back on just to know how they feel now they have been shit and squirted on.


Length:  22:23s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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File Size: 801 MB

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