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Toy Play With Smearing


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Mmm I lean back in my chair, sucking my dildo while I pump my ass with a plug, and tell you how I can feel all those thick little turds up in there <3 I rub my clit with my toy before fucking my lil pucker and pussy at the same time (I love filling both my holes at the same time!) I shit out my plug and delightedly fart out my naughty prolapsed hole before pissing in sweet little arcs like a fountain <3

I fuck my ass again while rubbing my clit and tell you I wanna shit out my plug–I tell you how forcing it back when I need to shit feels sooo good. I spread open my cheeks and plop! My plug gets pooped onto the floor. My hole gapes as I birth some thick turds, touching my slick clit while telling you how it feels so good~ I thrust two fingers into my gaping hole and describe to you in dirty talk how it feels 😉 I dildo-fuck my pussy til I squirt a little, you can hear all the deliciously slick noises my slippery cunt makes deep inside <3

I rub some thick turds all over my bum and grind against my dirty chair before grabbing some more and smearing my ass, inner thighs and around my pussy, rubbing and laughing softly as I bask in the afterglow of cumming after a shitting a satisfyingly thick turd, playing a little as I shove a few pieces back into my butthole and poop them out again for fun <3


Length:  8:14s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 289 MB

Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!


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