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Unmasked Shit Eater #LOGS


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I really hate when I have to strain myself to shit so I usually like my shit to be softer but this day it was hard and lumpy and it made my butt hurt 🙁 So I will start with saying this is the slaves very first toilet experience 🙂 He did a wonderful job of staying calm.

Wearing a 2 piece long black dress I take my panties off and squat over my new toilet bowl to pee, then I kick off my stilettos and prop myself up on a chair (Great money shot) I make sure the toilet is right beneath my asshole and I start pushing….I struggle a little bit for my 1st log to come out and it bounces off the toilets head but he quickly reacts to pick it up and start licking it like a lollipop then starts taking bites. And another one is starting to come out, so now this loser has shit in both hands taking turns eating from each one. LOL!!! After I’m done shitting my huge logs out I get my outfit back together and show you better close ups and laugh at the faces this toilet is making.

Toilet: “I would never eat shit again”
Queen: “You will be back”

So a few days later he texts me and says “You posted pictures of your feet on twitter and all I imagine is eating more shit” LMQAO

**Great money shot
**Great Lighting


Length:  18:04s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB


3 reviews for Unmasked Shit Eater #LOGS

  1. Profile photo of pulver685
    5 out of 5


    I was not sure Queen of Scatshop could produce another hot video as the previous ones, but I was totally wrong. I think she has reach a new level with this one, and the “money shot” is something really special. If You are into real toilet slavery as I am, will you probably agree with me.

  2. Profile photo of benki
    5 out of 5


    Simply fantastic ! This video is simply worth watching. The Queen is awesome, the toilet training is fabulous. Queen Vanity is a rare pearl, she loves what she does, you can see the smile on her face, you want to make her happy ? Be her toilet slave ! High quality video for a high quality Queen.

  3. Profile photo of draco420
    5 out of 5


    This video is really hot from her gorgeous ass to how she shits right on his face and encourages him to eat it! Nothing goes to waste. She is a queen for a reason and this video is a must have. I love all her videos, she is great at what she does and she actually enjoys doing it so you really couldn’t ask for any more! Well worth the money.

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