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White Jeans Accident


I am on the phone with my friends telling them I will be walking out the door in just a few moments, I put my shoes on and decide I really don’t want to wear them. I take them off and make another call, Realizing I farted and made a little mess In my pants, I call them back and tell them I will be late. I fill my pants up with a huge amount of shit, at first I do not like it, then the feeling of the warm shit on my butt cheeks makes me so horny I start squishing, rubbing my clit through my pants. I grab the phone and make another phone call explaining that I will not be able to make it today. I keep masturbating pulling my jeans up and down, I grab my little vibrator out of my purse and just it on my pussy, I want a big cock inside of me right now. The dirty thoughts running threw my mind make me cum so hard. I take a picture of myself covered in shit , and send it to my boyfriend I want his cock inside of me so bad. I text him the picture and ask him to come over.


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