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This is all three parts of the White Leggings Shit Series!

Part 1:
The first load I shit out on my balcony! Anyone could see me or hear me talking dirty for you! After I slowly push out a nice hard turd I reach into my leggings and show you my shit! I sniff it and lick it a little bit! MMMM! It tastes so good!

The next load has a little surprise! I struggle hard to push out this load into my white leggings! I love wearing clothes with shit in them! I can feel my day old shit pressing against my asshole! Yum!

I slowly struggle to push the second load out into my dirty shit stuffed leggings. I play with my asshole as the shit comes out and I feel my shit through my pussy wall. I explain what I am feeling. Soon you can see the shit filling my white leggings!

I compare the fresh shit with the old shit! I sniff it and taste it.

Then I decide to swallow a little chunk of shit! It takes me a few tries but soon I’ve swallowed it! I gag quite a bit and then I can’t help it! I’m puking and gagging! Yuck! But I keep the shit down! I don’t dare puke that up!

I laugh and giggle and then chew some more shit for you!

This is a fun happy video with lots of shitting and fun play!

Part 2:
Enjoy me dumping three different loads of shit into these nasty white leggings. After a week of pissing and shitting in them they are not white anymore!

With the first load I shit it out in my white leggings and then rub my fresh shit all over my huge tits! I rub my nipples with my hard turds and then tittie fuck myself with my shit! MMM! I love being a dirty nasty shit slut!

I had quite a bit of trouble getting the second load out of me! Those thick hard turds just would not come out! I squeezed and squeezed and pushed and pushed! I pull down my leggings so you can see the turd trying to push it’s way out but it’s stuck so far up there!

I decide to take the leggings off, put them in the bottom of my tub and sit on the edge of the tub so I can shit right on my leggings and all the shit I’ve been saving up all week long! This is a great view! You can really see my asshole open up! It’s like you are looking up at my asshole from below me!

With the last load I decide to get really dirty! I start filming by showing you the HUGE pile of shit I squeezed out of my asshole! My shit coated white leggings are there and also the weeks worth of shit too!

My shit looks so good and fresh! I feel this crazy urge to rub it all over my face! I want to completely coat my face in this thick layer of my shit!

So I do! 🙂

I giggle and smile and flirt and tell you all the nasty wonderful shitty things I want to do with you as I’m covering my face with shit!

I get really nasty and stuff hard little turds up my nostrils! All I can smell is my shit! Then I snort really hard and the shit that was stuck up my nose goes flying! I laugh so loud! It makes me so happy to be a dirty shit girl for you!

Part 3:
Seven loads of shit all in one!

Watch me shit the last load into the nasty piss soaked and shit covered white leggings that I’ve been shitting in and pissing in all week!

You get a nice good close up of all seven loads. I break a few pieces apart so you can see the inside of my turds!

What as I start to stuff my shit up inside my pussy! It feels so good! I grab handfuls of my shit and force it into my pretty hole! Then I get my favorite red toy and start to fuck my shitty pussy!

I slowly push the toy in my shit packed pussy and slowly pull it out! I am so turned on I start to fuck myself with the toy as fast as I can! I can’t help it I know I’m going to cum soon! I moan and hump the toy and fuck my shit packed pussy! I cum so hard! It feels amazing!

I hope you cum just as hard when you watch this amazing video!

Enjoy all three parts of this video!

How many times do you think you can cum with 40 minutes of sexy, nasty, fun shit play?


Length:  40:13s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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