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White Panties Adventure: ALL!


Enjoy the entire White Panties Collection for one super low price! You get: Shit and Smear, Ass Fucking, Shit In Pussy, Fuck My Shitty Pussy, Puking On Your Cock!

White Panties Adventure: Shit and Smear!

I love wearing white panties. I feel so cute and innocent in them. I like to pretend for a moment that I am just a sweet girl who would never play with her poop. I know in my heart I am a filthy, nasty, three holed, scat slut. But when I’m wearing these white panties, I feel so virginal.

The true is, I love to play with my shit. I can’t get enough of it! It’s not just an act for my videos. I truly love the smell and the taste and the incredible feelings I get when I smear my warm shit all over my body! I want to be fucked in my filth. I want to share my desires and my fantasies with you. I want to shit for you. I want to smear my poop for you. And I want, above all else, for you to fuck me in my own shit!

In this video I talk so dirty for you. I have my pretty white panties on. I’m going to destroy them for you! I put my ass to your face and I start to slowly push out a huge load of shit into my panties. It feels so good, so warm. The way my asshole stretches open fills with with such pleasure. I want this shit all over me! I want to smear my shit all over my it, sexy ass for you!

Watch me and I take my hand and squish my load of shit into my ass! I smear it all over my pussy and ass while my white panties are still on. Look at this mess I am making! It’s so hot! I wish I could have shit smeared all over my ass and pussy all the time! I pull down my panties to show you the huge mess I made in my pretty white panties. I don’t feel so virginal in them now!

White Panties Adventure: Ass Fucking!

I just filled my panties with a huge load of warm shit! It feels so good smeared all over my ass! Look how sexy my big ass looks with shit smeared all over it! You want to fuck my shitty ass don’t you!? Oh, please! Fuck my shitty asshole! Push your hard cock into my filthy hole! I want you to get shit all over your cock and all over my ass! Fuck me hard and fast and make me cum for you! Cum on my big shit smeared ass!

I take my big, thick dildo and work it into my ass crack. I imagine that it’s your cock. I talk dirty to you and beg you to fuck me with your cock! I take the dildo and slowly insert it into my shithole! It feels so good! I’m getting shit all over my ass and hands and all over your cock! I fuck myself harder and harder! I’m so turned on! I want to cum so bad! I keep fucking my filthy, shitty shithole harder and faster! It feels amazing! It’s your cock fucking me right now! Oh fuck me! Fuck my dirty asshole! Fuck me hard until I cum all over! Fuck me! Fuck my shitty ass!

White Panties Adventure: Shit In Pussy!

I’m so turned on from you fucking my shitty ass! You got my shit all over my ass and pussy! Now take this big load of my shit and stuff it up my pussy! It feels so good! Just take a handful of the sweet, sticky poop and shove it up my cunt! I want to get a huge mountain of shit in my pussy so I can shit it out for you! I want to shit from my pussy!

Oh! I’m so turned on! Keep pushing my shit up my cunt! Make me cum on your hand and my shit! I’m begging you! I crave my poop! Now fuck my horny, shitty cunt!

Fuck me hard and stuff me full!

White Panties Adventure: Fuck My Shitty Pussy!

Thank you so much for fucking my dirty asshole and stuffing shit up my pussy! You’ve got me so turned on! My pussy is covered in shit! There’s poop stuffed all up my pussy and I need to cum! I need your cock! I need you to fuck me! Hard!

Your cock still has shit on it from fucking my ass. It will slide in my dirty cunt so easily. Please, please fuck me! I crave your shit smeared cock. I need you to fuck my shitty pussy until I explode into orgasm. Please let me cum fro you!

Oh yes, that’s it! Fuck my cunt! Get my shit smeared all over! All over your cock and my pussy and legs and ass! We are fucking in my shit! It’s such a beautiful, sexy feeling to have filthy, dirty, shit sex with you!

I need you to make my cum! Make me cum on your cock! Oh yes, and I need you to cum too! Fill me with my shit and your cum! My shit will mix with your cum and it will feel so good! Cum in me! Cum inside my shitty cunt! My filthy pussy! Yes, cum! Cum for me!

White Panties Adventure: Puking On Your Cock!

You’ve shit fucked my ass and my cunt, now it’s time for me to give you a hot, messy blow job! You have shit all over your cock and it’s all over my ass and pussy and hands! I grab your cock and I tell you how bad I want to suck it! I want to suck my starfish shit off of your beautiful hard cock! I want you to fuck every single one of my holes!

I slowly start to suck you cock! I love tasting my shit and cum of your dick! I suck harder and deeper! Oh it tastes so good! But I start gagging pretty hard! I don’t stop sucking your cock though! I love it in my mouth! I love your shit covered dick! Then all of a sudden I gag hard and throw up a nasty wet belly full of puke! I retch all over your cock! My puke splatters everywhere! Oh! It’s so nasty! I don’t stop sucking though! I spit and them shove your cock back into my mouth! It isn’t long before I puke again! This time it’s a nasty load of stinky puke! I hold your cock right under my mouth and puke all over your rock hard cock! I am crying and there is snot running out of my nose! I smear my snot on your cock and start sucking again! I want you to cum! I want to make you cum so hard! I keep gagging and crying and the snot keeps pouring out of my mouth! I spit up a lot of thick spit and keep sucking until you cum all over my face! I love sucking your cock! I want to suck it white it’s covered in shit and snot and puke! Yum!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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