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Wonder Woman Panty Pooping


I am sitting at the table when I get the feeling that Artemis is coming for me, I must prepare I turn into wonder woman. I run to the front door I feel her there and waiting for her to strike, I am weak and not brave I am scared of what may happen today, so scared I start to dribble pee like a little girl down my legs, I hear the foot steps closer and closer I cannot hold my poop or pee It fills my panties and runs down my legs. I hear the foot steps fade into the distance, and feel relived that I was not found but I have pooped my pants and feel useless like a little spoiled princess maybe I should give up wonder woman because I feel like shit woman right now, I drop down to the ground squishing the poop in my pants and a strange enjoyment comes from this. I start touch myself slowly and getting faster and faster, rubbing my poop filled panties grabbing my rope and pulling it back and forth on my body I work myself into an orgasm looking at the mess I have created I get a call from batman and must leave without cleaning up I pull my skirt up over my dirty clothes and take off.


Length:  15:00s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 860 MB

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