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Wonder Women Accident


The scene opens with WW in bed asleep. Her alarm goes off and she wakes up. The first thing she does after cancelling the alarm and coming to her senses is check she hasn’t peed or pooped her panties in her sleep!. Luckily for her she hasn’t. Today she has ‘remote monitor duty’ which means she has to sit and track world events using the JLA computer feeds into her home PC and if something occurs that needs the Justice League’s help she has to notify them. She spins into her WW costume (then off she goes. She sits down at her desk / table and gets to work on the computer. She is not allowed to leave this post for at least two hours until relieved by another JLA member logging on. She gets to work clicking away She is nervous because last time she took ‘monitor duty’ she missed an incident in Gotham and Batman was very disappointed with her. She must do a better job this time!. She is nervous about missing something. Within minutes of sitting down WW starts to get a growing urge to pee. This is ridiculous, she tells herself, WW has the strongest bladder control of any woman!. Apparently not so as the urges soon become uncontrollable and WW loses a long hot squirt of pee into her panties, enough to surge right through them!. Great Hera!. Within seconds WW can’t hold on any longer!. As she dribbles and squirts and begins to lose any semblance of control she drags over a handy wastebasket and just in time too as she uncontrollably releases her bladder through her WW panties and into the bin while still trying to concentrate on the screen (in general for me with these videos, the more pee (and poop 🙂 )After that WW feels better. She’s sure she can empty the bin before anyone sees she has used it as a her wet panties should dry in 30 mins, nobody will ever know she pissed her panties like a little girl.
She gets back to clicking away but now the real trouble starts as soon after she starts to get another urge, a really bad urge to poop, right now!. It’s building and building and she can feel her ass starting to spasm!. By Zeus she’s going to shit her panties!. She begins to panic, she can’t leave her work but needs to poop SO bad. She is just considering taking a dump in the bin too when she can’t hold back any longer and, hovering over her seat, she noisily unloads a massive load of poop into her panties!. HERA what a mess!. Even while still pooping she conscientiously continues working her computer, doing her duty. Afterwards she feels the size of her load. It’s enormous!. What happened to make her pee and poop herself again?, surely it wasn’t just because she was nervous about doing a good job for Batman?. But that is what it seemed like….She realizes then she still has nearly two hours of monitor duty to go. She can’t hover there the whole time so she sits back down smushing the poop inside her panties. Great Hera!, that smushy sensation, it feels good on her pussy and ass, just like after Artemis’ visit!. She can’t concentrate on the work anymore, she must release her sexual tension!, she opens a drawer and take out a vibrator, switches it on and applies it to her clit through her panties while the other hand operates the mouse. She soon comes in her panties. OK, that’s better, the orgasm seems to settle her down and she gets back to work ignoring her loaded wet panties, still slightly smushing her butt back and forth and gently rubbing herself but now totally concentrated on the screen.


Length:  14:32s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 824 MB

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