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Yellow Soft Shit Smearing


This is my second smearing video and since my first, I’ve been dreaming about smearing my shit on my ass. I’m straining above the bathroom sink, put my buttplug in and “shit” it out again. I keep straining and eventually a tiny bit of shit leaves my tight asshole. I immediately smear it out and keep pushing for more. I try to smear and touch every bit that comes out and you can see I love it because my pussy is soaking wet. I breathe very loudly, pushing and straining for more shit to come out. I put the buttplug back in my shitty asshole, and when I “shit” it out again, my warm, soft shit follows. I keep pushing and pushing because I know there’s more shit inside me. My wettness drips between my legs. Then, bigger pieces start coming out, and I push against them with my fingers, trying to put them back in my asshole. It feels so damn hot, pooping and smearing at the same time. At the end, my ass is so dirty and I push out some last wet shit.


Length:  10:17s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 446 MB

Hot shit leaving my tight asshole

I just love how my warm shit stretches my asshole!


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