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3 Loads Of Piss & Cum For Cuck-Slave


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Mistress Lisa has her slave suck her boyfriend’s cock to get it hard for her while she taunts him about how he won’t ever get anywhere near her pussy. She has him dressed in bra and panties and makes him deep throat her BF’s cock then spits in his face to add to his humiliation. He has to kneel next to the bed wearing bra and panties as Lisa’s BF explores Lisa’s body with his tongue and hands before plunging his cock deep into her. Cuckie sits by the bed and watches as the woman of his dreams moans in ecstacy, obviously enjoying every inch of her lover’s cock inside her. In between passionate kisses she taunts cuckie, letting him know that all he’ll ever get to do is watch. Lisa then gets on all fours and has her boyfriend take her from behind. Mistress Lisa moans in pleasure while continuing to verbally torment cuckie, telling him that he’s going to have to lick her Boyfriend’s cock clean after he cums. Lisa’s lover pulls out just in time to shoot a nice big load of cum on her lower back. True to her word, she has cuckie suck her boyfriend’s cock clean, squeezing every last drop from his dripping penis. After Cuckie is done Lisa orders him to lick up the load of cum that is pooling on her back. Cuckie lovingly licks up every last sticky drop. Next is the cameraman’s turn, who jerks his cock off on cuckie’s face, covering his lips in white, sticky cum. Lisa puts cuckie on his back and pisses all over his body and spits on his face. She asks “whos next” and her boyfriend comes over and adds his urine to her own. Not wanting to leave anyone out, she calls the camera guy over, who pisses on cuckie’s face and body. Lisa makes small talk with the two men about her future plans for cuckie, which include a scene where cuckie has a bowl of dog food that she’ll make cuckie eat. She continues to brainstorm about the scene, deciding that a load of cum would make excellent gravy. The camera guy finishes up relieving himself and Lisa has cuckie kneel and jack off into her palm. Lisa instructs him to lick this 3rd load of cum from the palm of her hand and he obeys instantly. Lisa smiles, satisfied that her cuckie will be a good doggie for her next video.


Length:  15:00s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 540 MB

My name is Mistress Lisa and I’m a pro dominatrix based out of Los Angeles. I hope my store inspires more slaves to make the jump into being a human toilet.

1 review for 3 Loads Of Piss & Cum For Cuck-Slave

  1. Profile photo of ToiletSlutSandy
    5 out of 5


    This review is a little biased, because I have been in love with Lisa, and had some amazing “extreme” sessions with this sexy & perverted women over the last 16 years !! .. you can watch this toilet slut in some of Lisa’s other clips…Lisa is incredible, her big breasts and beautiful arse and body !! …I get so turned on seeing Lisa nude, or almost nude 😉
    The clip starts with a cuck slave sucking her hubby’s hard cock, then for a nice change of pace from the usual “shit” on this site, we watch Lisa & Hubby in some passionate lovemaking as the cuck slave watches masturbating himself, when Hubby shots a load of thick cum over Lisa’s back, she orders the slave to lick it up, and then clean off Hubby’s cock, then Lisa has the cuck lay on the floor while she enjoys pissing all over her slave, then Hubby joins in, using the cuck slave as a toilet, pissing all over him, and into his hooded mouth, in the end Lisa with her big tits squats down next to her cuck slave as he jerks off into Lisa’s hand, which she spreads over his cum & piss soaked mouth.
    The only thing that I am disappointed about…is that it should be ME !! 🙂 Toilet Slut Sandy !!! (I have my own clip store in Scatshop btw ;-)…this masochist slut craves extreme beatings and being degraded by Mistress Lisa ….there is still a chance this could happen, (Lisa if you read this !!)
    except if I was used as your Cuck Slave I would look a lot more passible as your “Toilet Slut” and would require a heavy beating first, then after the lovemaking, cock sucking, and cum, you and Hubby could both use your slut as a TOILET ….piss & shit in my whore mouth !! ..even force some saved up shit into my toilet bowl mouth !! ..thank you for ALL the orgasms my sexy & perverted Mistress !! 🙂

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