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Alone For The Weekend PRT2


The Second day you are still tied to my toilet and I am back and very upset with you, I thought I could trust you not to call mom I am so happy all of your phone calls are forwarded to my cell phone. But since you have disobeyed me you will have to pay. I spit on your face and tell you how small your penis is, it a little micro cock you like my tits you will never get to touch tits ever because you are my toilet slave good for nothing other then eating my shit. Jerk that little dicklet off, I want to see you cum. I sit up on my sit with you beneath me, I can barely see your little pinky size cock from up here maybe you only need one finger. I hope you are hungry I release a long thing turd into your mouth now swallow it, and I want you to cum as you feel it going down your throat, I count down from ten spit on you and telling you what a disgusting piglet you are. Don’t worry I am not done with you yet little brother.


Length:  15:26s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 903 MB

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