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Always thinking of MY Sluts


It’s date night and I am over my swinger boyfriend’s house. He told me he wanted to film with me, but nothing was planned. I wanted him to fuck my dirty ass since I needed to go to the bathroom. He knows a tiny bit about my scat fetish, but has told me he is not into it. I asked him what he wanted to film and he said whatever maybe pov of whatever I wanted. I desperately wanted to tell him that I wanted him to fuck my dirty ass like the last time that we had played and not filmed, but I hesitated. I already knew what his answer was going to be before even asking, so I told him I didn’t care. He kept on pushing the subject of what I wanted, so I finally told him what I wanted to film us doing together. Unfortunately, I was correct and he wasn’t even aware that he fucked my shitty ass the last time we played. I told him, I don’t know how he didn’t know since as soon as he started fucking my ass I could smell my powerful shit. I sucked his cock and he enjoyed having me suck his cock right after it had been fucking my ass. I could tell he wanted a kiss while we were playing, and again I hesitated because I could definitely taste my shit in my mouth. I still wasn’t quite sure he would be accepting of tasting my shit, but I kissed him and he wanted to kiss me more after the first….So I was so very confused when he told no, and that he wasn’t even aware that he had done that. Even after explaining and knowing he enjoyed my ass that previous night, it made me very upset that I let him into my life a little bit more. I cried for a little while, and then got myself together and told him to go smoke a cigarette, so I could go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and talked to my sluts all upset which has never happened before. Goddess is always thinking of her toilet sluts even when super busy and getting pleasured because truly they can not please and get me off the way I need to! I know that I can only feel this special closeness to my toilet sluts that I LOVE worshiping and keeping my ass HAPPY! Kiss and Worship MY Goddess Ass!! #448


Length:  2:13s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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