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Ass Worship and Shit Consumption


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Unlike many Mistresses who train their slaves to be toilets, Mistress Anna not only allows slaves to worship her holy asshole, she insists on it. Proper lubrication is a must.

The Mistress sits directly on the slaves face and it is ordered to lick, to poke inside with his tongue and even suck the incomparable orifice.

In this video we get to see Mistress Anna’s angelic face for just a moment. She is smiling so sweetly, you could imagine she is greeting a friend when she says “Hi!”, but you see she is smiling at how her slave is struggling to swallow her shit. This video has a lot of Mistress Anna’s beautiful face and we see her laugh as she forces it to swallow her shit by slapping its balls.


Length:  5:50s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 475 MB


Valar Morgulis

1 review for Ass Worship and Shit Consumption

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    5 out of 5


    This is an incredible video. Mistress Anna is breathtaking. She is so beautiful and so sadistic, it makes me feel as if my balls have been removed.

    The video opens with Mistress Anna casually looking at her toilet slave. She slaps his balls not out of anger but more with an air of curiosity and a girlish smile comes to her face as the slave jerks involuntarily. She then gets up and we see her flawless skin over the tops of her leather boots. Her skin is so smooth that it never even creases as she gets up and down and moves about. She is not a big person. But she is so confident in her dominance that a slave would be powerless before her.

    She has a slight accent which I can’t place and which makes her even more charming. She allows the slave to worship her holly pussy and asshole directly for a moment and then puts a toilet seat over its head and crisply commands the slave to lick. The slave has to strain to get his tongue up to the Goddess’s magnificent, perfect, tiny little asshole. Her commands are short and curt, given as if she can imagine being disobeyed.

    After she has shit on the slave we get to see her beautiful smile again, this time she smiles even more as she looks at her slave. It makes a kind of whimpering noise that she finds amusing, also. There is one point at which we are able to see her magnificent pussy from the front. i had to stop the video a few times to gape at her beautity. She is so beautiful that is makes me feel inferior and reminds me that i could never be with a woman like her. It would be such an honor to eat her shit and let my pain and humiliation be what she is smiling at.

    The focus is all on her in this video which is very good and as it should be. There is not a second in this video that did not make me touch my worthless penis.

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