Bad Babysitter
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Bad Babysitter


I walk into your bedroom and tell your mother that I will be extra sweet to you, he looks so little and cute, I shut the door your mother won’t be back for 3 hours! I bring you the stuffed bunny, I know your a boy but even boys like stuffed animals! Stop being such a brat, do you like to play games? Let’s play cops and robbers, you can be the robber I handcuff you and tell you what we are really going to be doing teasing you with my sexy ass and my tits, have you ever seen boobs before? You know your mother pays me very well to take good care of you and that’s what I intend to do.  One day you will appreciate  this. Let’s play, now come here don’t make me drag you over here! Your hand cuffed to my chair and I unzip my white shorts, keep your eyes closed , and I will give you your present but you have to eat it. I fart many times in your face no peeking sweetie, I shit directly into your mouth now swallow it! It may give you a tummy ache, but I will tell your mother that you went into the chocolates,  just swallow it or I’ll come back and do this to you over and over again little boy and make you my personal toilet. Now leave me alone for the rest of the time I am here!





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