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Bound, Buttfucked and Forced To Drink Piss


This clip starts off with Mistress Lisa preparing different piss-beverages for her different piss slaves. First she pisses in a baby bottle, then she pisses in a dog bowl. Then we get to see Mistress Lisa in action training her slave to drink her piss. She has him chained to a wooden platform and has her friend Mistress Patra squeeze the slaves balls then she sticks a dildo in his ass just so he knows who’s boss. The broken slave is ordered to open his mouth so Lisa can use his mouth as her urinal. She fills his mouth repeatedly with her piss. She has to leave to go to a fetish party but sticks a butt plug in his ass and pisses in his mouth once more before leaving. Once at the fetish party Lisa is once more called upon to train a slave on how to be a good piss-toilet. The slave is tied to a bench and a mouth spreader is put in his mouth before the lucky slave is given the honor of drinking her golden nectar.


Length:  6:27s 
Resolution: 640x480
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 94 MB

My name is Mistress Lisa and I’m a pro dominatrix based out of Los Angeles. I hope my store inspires more slaves to make the jump into being a human toilet.


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