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Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner


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(2 customer reviews)

Today I will let you have a very special treat. You can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Of course you must only eat my chocolate. If you think I’m going to the shops you’ve got another thing coming. I squat to serve every meal. Breakfast is served in a glass jar, lunch is served in a big bowl and dinner is served on a plate. Before you tuck into dinner I have a long wipe and drop the soiled paper so it fully covers the chocolate. This is the icing on the cake.


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2 reviews for Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

  1. Profile photo of scatshopfan6969
    5 out of 5


    absolutely awesome clip! MUST BUY for those who love sexy women you make huge, huge loads. please continue to make more poop movies SharChocolat!

  2. Profile photo of CobraCommander
    5 out of 5


    Breakfast/Jar Scene: Very sexy. Different angled close-ups, with one extreme close-up. Makes you wish she’d put a lid on it & send it to you. ****
    Lunch/Metal Bowl Scene: Even better than Breakfast. Lunch flowed from her butt like icing squeezed out from a pastry bag. At one point, it looked like it would never end. *****
    Dinner/Plate Scene: A standard poo on plate. Size big. Yummy looking. *** 1/2

    Moans but no interacting dialogue.

    Verdict: Without any playful interacting dialogue price ($14.00) is too high ($10.50). If you don’t care for interacting dialogue. Prices is fair. Her Breakfast & Lunch chocolate is jerk-worthy. Consider this video the appetizer to Shara’s other feast-worthy videos. Lunch is the highlight of this video & the scene that makes the whole show worthwhile.

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