Broken Toilet 17 - Shitty Dinner
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Smell my unwashed assPucker those inferior lips to kiss my smelly assSpread them nice and wide in order to get your tongue in thereLicking between every wrinkle of my smelly assholeYes, that good. Lick my ass crack clean as wellMy slave licking my ass once more for the privilege of tasting my shitNatural order of things. Me on top taking a massive, stinking juicy shit. My slave under my toilet chair with his mouth wide open for me to shit intoPrivileged slave seeing a view less than 5 people have seen in the worldLicking my asshole one more time as I start to pushThat’s a good toilet, opening it’s mouth wideEven my vagina opens up as I give birth to the third turdMust taste horrible but it’s of little concern for me as my vagina swell from arousalDamn! It’s quite a massive shit. I keep shitting with no regard for my slave underneath meFeels sooooo good! Sorry toilet but I’m far from doneSome more juicy turds coming. I really should shit more often, this is brutal on the person underneath. Luckily, not my problemAren’t you glad you’re my toilet?More big & creamy ones. I can imagine it must be brutal for you down there but this is the natural order of things. Less than 5 people in the world ever tasted my shit so BE GRATEFUL!Don’t squirm toilet! I’m not going to stop till I’m empty, I want to be relaxed and comfortable when I make love to my husband tonight and show him (a real man) my love and affection.You can’t deny it. This looks so much better than a regular toilet pan filled with water. I wonder what it would’ve looked like if he didn’t swallow the first half so greedily. It wouldn’t have all fit on his inferior face that’s for sure! Thank you for being my toilet.

Broken Toilet 17 – Shitty Dinner


As my slave sit in front of me he knows indeed how lucky he is to be not only my servant to my every need but to also be my toilet.

As slaves are very inferior it means their bodies do need ingredients from a superior female body from time to time. So making sure your slave get a controlled diet of shit to eat now and then is very important.

It’s a fine balance of the natural order that needs to be respected. Very few people on this planet can say they had the privilege to smell my asshole, much less lick it and less than 5 people in the world (literally) can say they tasted my shit that came out of my superior female asshole.

Devoted Sub is a very privileged slave indeed getting to smell, kiss and lick my asshole on camera for you. His biggest honor is when I reward him by taking an impressively large shit right into his inferior mouth.
Watch as I tell my slave not to swallow so greedily like he did in the previous video with my diarrhea. I know it’s a huge honor for him but it annoys me sometimes when he swallow my shit so greedily. After all, you the viewer want to see my shit in his inferior mouth after all. I give him permission to swallow a bit but to save some of it for you the viewer to see.

I am very good to my slave indeed by first giving him the amazing privilege to smell my superior unwashed asshole first. Then he gets the honor of pressing his inferior lips to my unwashed asshole. Finally he gets the pleasure of his inferior tongue washing between every smelly wrinkle of my superior asshole.

Moment of truth as he gets under the toilet chair opening his mouth in anticipation under my asshole. A view that in real life very few in the world will ever experience. The first load is very soft and creamy and every piece that drops into his mouth he swallows greedily. I guess that large chicken & mayonnaise burger with fries and vanilla muffin for desert taste great for him as it passed through my superior body and slithers out of my asshole into his mouth.

He keeps his word and let my fill his mouth until the HUGE pile of my shit forms on top of his mouth & face despite the fact that he did swallow some of the thicker & juicy turds. I wonder how big the pile would’ve been if he didn’t swallow at all. I don’t think it would’ve been able to stay on his face as it would’ve been simply too much.

It’s the first time ever I filmed directly from the front using him with the toilet chair and I must admit it works very well. No one wants to see much of his ugly face anyway. With this angle you see the back of his head, his open mouth and most importantly a PERFECT view of my superior female asshole stretching open as I push out one soft & juice turd after another directly into his inferior mouth for his feeding.

I’m doing what I was born to do, shit into slave’s mouths. My slave Devoted Sub is doing what he was born to do, eating my stinking shit. It’s no one’s fault, we’re both here to serve a purpose in our respective roles in life. It’s just the natural order of things.

You can see my vagina in full view swelling from the arousal (it was a VERY pleasurable shit) and even see my vagina open up along with my asshole as the turds slide out. Best camera angle I have used in a long time!

This film was produced from two angles so you can see me reading my emails on my tablet as I start to push and then the close up full frontal view as I shit into his mouth. Taking this shit felt almost as good as sex 🙂


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Resolution: 1920x1080
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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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